Attendees of the 2021 Office Super Fan Festival were asked one simple question: "What does The Office mean to you?"

A documentary about passionate fans from around the world and how they use the show to help get them through life, the real city of Scranton where the show's fictitious paper company resides, the benefits of online communities, and what it means to celebrate the beauty in ordinary things. Early reviewers of the film say it is a joyous time, and we think that's what the world needs right now.


While attending the Office Super Fan Festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a documentary filmmaker and a passionate community share what The Office means to them.


documentary, slice-of-life, comedy, family friendly


the attendees of the 2021 office super fan festival


denny corby, jackie debatin, noel petok,

tone rodriguez, hidetoshi imura


85 minutes

Interview at The Longhorn Film Festival

Ordinary Things screened at the Longhorn Film Festival on Sunday September 4th to great crowd response! Filmmaker Matthew C. Grammer is interviewed by festival staff about the origins of project and it's first festival appearance!


Available for purchase. Contact Matthew at


$33 / Shipped in USA

Blu-ray disc of documentary film in plastic-free, sustainable packaging.


$36 / Shipped in USA

Autographed ordinary things poster (11in x 17in), ordinary things vinyl sticker (3in x 4.5in), ordinary things engraved pencil, plus genuine Scranton Strangler Pebbles from Pennsylvania (1in x 2.5in).

PA live! Interview

Pa Live! is the only LIVE, afternoon lifestyle show in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania and airs weekdays at 3pm on WBRE-TV.

Co-Host of PA live Rachel Malak and filmmaker Matthew C. Grammer discuss his new feature-length documentary about the fandom surrounding The Office. Originally aired June 24, 2022


Matthew C. Grammer is an independent filmmaker from Dallas, Texas who grew up being obsessed with film production. After graduating from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Technology, he has gone on to work as an independent filmmaker with major brands to expand their reach and spread their story. He has also worked as an executive and led the success of creative productions at million dollar content agencies. Most recently he is expanding his career into producing and releasing feature films and documentaries.

Matthew has been a super fan of The Office for over 15 years, first catching the show in college in the fall of 2007. After engaging with fellow Office fans online, he heard about the Office Super Fan Festival and knew he had to attend. While there he filmed a feature length documentary about the incredible fandom that surrounds The Office.


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